Robin And The Sherwood Hoodies

Cast List

Billy Wigglestick              Lily Odom

Robin Hood                     Tennesson Jordan

Will Scarlet                       Rylan Lacey

Alan A-Dale                      Jilli Grace Asa

Friar Tuck                        Caleigh Martin

Big John/Little John         Meri Weller Hutson

Much Muscles                  Luke Counce

Dancing Dave                   Taryn Ulm

King John                          Ava Lacey

Sheriff of Nottingham        Bryce Heatherly

Grabbit                              Magalie Martin

Bolt                                   Allanna Jordan

Gavin Gutwrencher          DJ Swanson

Genghis                            Nate Beaty

Nigel the Norman             Dalton Orman

Norbert the Norman         Tanner Jones

Nesbit the Norman           Kevin Griffin

Norton the Norman          Charlie Pugh

King Richard                    Nate Turner

Guy of Gisbourne            Nailah Slatter

Gladys of Gisbourne        Emma Kate Fox

Maid Marion                     Brenna Smith

Nursie Gerty Gusset        Afton Gable

Bodkin of Budbury           Nicole Shafer

Inkhorn of Idle                 Cora Beth Sheffield

Kettlehat of Kirklington    Isabella Posey

Napsack of Normanton  Carly Oglesby

Jugmuffin of Jacksdale  Isaiah Barbour

Beautiful Betsy              Jayme Griffin

Bubbly Bertha               Acelynn Salazar

Beaudacious Babs       Grayce Ray

Skunk Lumpy                Luke Ray

Skunk Logger               Riley Swinney

Skunk Stumpy             Susanna Beaty

Skunk Sprout               Elon Slatter

Congratulations to all cast members.  It’s going to be a great show!

PPP History & Purpose: 

Founded in 1991, Pied Piper was started by a group of adults that wanted to bring the live theatrical experience to children in the area. In its early years, they presented two annual shows. Due to increased community interest and participation, they expanded to four annual productions in 2004.

Offering theatre to students in grades K—12 grades, Pied Piper boasts participation from students across the region including Tupelo and Lee County, Union, Prentiss, Itawamba, Monroe, Chickasaw, Pontotoc.  Each production is presented for the community, in addition to a school performance, which is free to all area school districts, private schools and home schooled children. In addition to providing a chance to step in front of a spot light, participating in Pied Piper gives children a chance to work on life skills like public speaking, team building, responsibility, work ethic, and so much more.